Stations of the cross

DSC_2227 DSC_2232

Wednesday brought about a new exciting experience.

As a group we were given the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made, dying for are sins and granting us eternal life. We did this through a walk around Endclife park and stopping at different opportunities to describe the last steps Jesus took before he was crucified.

The 14 stations we reflected on were:

1st station- Jesus is condemned to death

2nd- Jesus Carries his cross

3rd-Jesus falls for the first time

4th- Jesus meets his mother

5th- Simon helps Jesus to carry his cross

6th- Veronica wipes Jesus’ Face

7th-Jesus falls for the second time

8th- Jesus meets the woman of Jerusalem

9th- Jesus Falls for the third time

10th- Jesus is stripped

11th- Jesus is nailed to the cross

12th- Jesus dies on the cross

13th- Jesus is taken down from the croess

14th- Jesus is laid in the tomb

Through each step we were able to fully appreciate every detail that led to the death and resurrection of our saviour and enabled us to all as a group to grow further in our understanding of the sacrifices that Jesus made for us.

As this famous line from John 3:16 states ‘All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.’



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